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Logo Karol Kwiatkowski

Let's work on improving your SEO.

I can help your brand in the field of content strategy and technical SEO. Leaving you with more, better quality traffic and leads.
More traffic from search engines
Every client is different, therefore the right tools and strategies to get the job done may differ. I am here to find the right elements for your case.
More leads
Better visibility and more traffic are just the beginning. The real goal is to get more leads and sales depending on your business profile.
More sales
Is your e-commerce struggling with sales? Do you need help in diagnosing the bottlenecks in your sales funnel?  I will help you in overcoming these obstacles.

I can help you with the following

Nowadays SEO is so much more than just a list of problems that need to be fixed within the website. A holistic approach is required in order to achieve the best results. Thankfully, I can help you with many aspects of modern SEO.
Technical SEO
Indepth analysis
Solving the technical problems that impact your SEO with a holistic approach.
Strategy and execution
Advanced content strategies and written by college grade native speakers from the USA.
Data analysis
True data
Whether you are looking to learn your competitor's strengths and weaknesses or need a market analysis. 
Custom tailored
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I can help you in solving these problems

Getting traffic from search engines is one of the most efficient ways of getting more customers. Does any of the problems below apply to your business?
1. I cannot rank on the desired keywords
No matter what steps do we take, there simply isn't any change in our rankings. We cannot push through a certain barrier and thereofre my business is at a stalemate.
4. I have a problem with Core Web Vitals 
I have a problem understanding Core Web Vitals and do not know what is expected of me. My website is losing traffic and I am receiving a lot of notifications through Google Search Console.
2. I don't know how to write content
Although I have the necessary resources to write quality content,  I do not know where to start and I am lacking a plan of doing it.
5. I do not know how to build the reputation of my brand online
I would like to become an expert in my niche,  but I don't know where to start and what should I focus on. 
3. My website suffered a sudden drop in rankings
There was a sudden drop of rankings followed by serious traffic drop. Now we are trying to find the cause and solution for it.
6. I need help with ranking my website on different markets
I am looking to expand my business to another country or I have already expanded but I am not receiving satysfiming results.
7. I am going to redesign my website
We are approaching a redesign of our website. But before we move on with the project we need to get insightful input from the SEO perspective.
8. I've think I've tried just about everything by now.
I think I've been there done that. I've tried various different SEOs and agencies. Nothing seems to work.

A little bit about me

I am an SEO expert with more than 10 years of industry experience. I've been around since the good old days when everything was wilder and SEO's often relied on more "grey" techniques. I've seen the advent of the importance of quality and the shift towards a better user experience. I have worked both within internal and agency teams. Finally, back in 2017, I've launched my own agency. I moved on and I can work with your projects.
Karol Kwiatkowski


years of experience
I have been doing SEO since 2007. 


different markets
I've been doing SEO in Europe and the USA


main focus areas
user experience, content strategy and technical SEO


different tools
Helping me to deliver quality service

Lets get in touch 

Let's talk and see how can I help your website. 
Drop me a line
Holistic approach
Your website's performance is a part of a bigger set of dependencies.
I believe that transparency should be the underlying value of every cooperation.
Data before anything else
I believe that any decision should be based on solid data. In this industry, great research gives the advantage.
Gut feeling
Although I am a proponent of data-driven approach I am not the one to discard what my guts are telling me.

My key values

Before moving you should learn a few things about the way I see cooperation 
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Let's work together

Get in touch and let's start improving your online presence.

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