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Consulting for B2B & B2C companies

If you are looking for opportunities to scale your business, be it B2B or B2C, I have a. proven set of solutions that will make this task manageable, understandable and transparent. 
Increase profits
Generate more profits, whether your business is an online store a software development agency, or a local business.
Facilitate growth
Grow by leaps and bounds by harnessing the power of AI-powered data-driven approach to content.
Peace of mind
Achieve a state of tranquility, knowing that all the elements are fitting nicely in place and your business is growing.

Let's talk about growing your business

Getting started is easy,  just book a call, and let's discuss your business oportunities.

What do I have to offer

I can help you with all things related to growing your business through search engines. 
Technical SEO
the backbone of any successful SEO campaign
Content strategy
My strategies focus on unleashing the full potential of your content to gain traffic.
AI and mechine learning
I use the latest developments in AI to reach your goals and future-proof your business.
User Expirience
Put the user first. Offer them a stellar experience while engaging your brand.
Local SEO
understand how people search locally and use it  to grow your local audience
Semantic SEO
I harness the power of entity-based SEO to provide you with state of the art solutions.
T&M approach
Transparency is the key. Therefore I offer transparent pricing  in T&M model.
Great support
 You will never be left with no answer and a critical problem to solve.
Business understanding
I am getting into the roots of your business to  keep the process valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more frequent questions asked by my clients.
How are you planning on helping my business grow?
I will focus on getting a deep understanding of your business situation. Then I will utilize the elements I am best at. 
What expirience do you have?
I have been doing SEO since 2009. I've been working on many different projects, both national and international. 
Have you ever worked with a company like mine before?
Maybe I had. Contact me to be sure. 
When can I expect to see any results?
It depends on the kind of project we will be dealing with. Some effects can be visible after a few days since implementing changes. Others may require a slightly longer period of time.
How do you report?
I am reporting monthly, showing what was done and how it translates to reaching our set KPIs.
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