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Logo Karol Kwiatkowski
User centered
Optimised for speed
Research based

Technical SEO audit

Identify all the issues that are affecting negatively your ability to rank.
User centeric
Put the user and his needs first. It's not about your service or offer but about giving the user what he wants. Your website should be built around this idea.
Optimized for speed
Faster loading websites provide an excellent experience and are more likely to rank well in Google. The user needs to find an answer to his query in no time.
Based on research
No more guessing; make changes based on measurable data from proven sources. I apply a scientific approach based on the newest developments in SEO.

Hollistic approach is the key to success

A website is not a single entity. It is a complex network of code, words, contexts, and visuals. This is a part of a broad network of pages within a niche. To harness the potential of SEO, a holistic approach is required. Some elements that I take into account while analyzing websites are:
Domain history
Core WEb Vitals
Backlink history
Page structure
Crawling and indexing
Content architecture
Internal backlinks
External backlinks
Code structure
Meta structure
Current performance

How it works

An SEO Audit is a complex and wide-ranging process. In order to make it more manageable I usually work following those simple steps.
Initial workshop
We kick off with a workshop that will tell us more about your business, current strategies, and competitions. It is a deep dive needed to understand you better, your company, and your goals.
With the data gathered during our workshop, I will identify a set of keywords most relevant for your business. They will become the foundation of future activities.
We will set up KPI's and reporting for the audit.
I will analyze the competition - analyzing their strengths and finding a way to use them for your benefit.
Page structure
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I will ensure that Google has access to all the essential information. So that it receives and ranks the same content as the user who is visiting your website.
I will analyze how crawlers interact with your website so that we can more efficiently manage your crawl budget.
Core Web Vitals
Core web vitals is a big thing. Making the website adhere to them will ensure that our user-centric approach is working.
HTML Structure
I will ensure that you are using efficient code that does not hinder our efforts.

You will receive

The audit
This document provides all the results of the analysis. It documents the deep dive into your domain's technical SEO, content structure, backlink analysis. It also provides a slew of information regarding your competition.

The audit presents all the elements that should be improved and shows the best solutions in case. The goal is to provide you with a list of errors and a way to understand your SEO better.
Action plan
The action plan takes the elements described in the audit and breaks them into pieces to divide the entire process into small steps.

The entire action plan is built with efficiency in mind. Those most significant changes have been prioritized to reach the effects faster.
Understanding the audit is crucial. Therefore after presenting the audit, I have a workshop session that will allow me to deliver the results and decide on the course of action.

While your team is working hard on implementing the findings, I will be acting as your guide through the process, maintaining vigil so that you can rest assured about the final results.

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